Here is one of the first root methods for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Right now we already have a method to root the device on the newest Android Firmware. In this tutorial we will use ODIN so please keep in mind that you should use a windows machine. The CF-Auto-Root Method triggers the internal KNOX-Counter (0x1) of your device and voids your waranty. The Flash-Counter of the device will also be triggered, please keep that in mind.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 CF-Auto-Root Firmware

Before we startet the tutorial you will need to find out which of the following Packages was designed for your device. Get your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and go to „Settings“ -> „About the Phone“. At the Bottom of the Page you will find the „Build Number“ of your phone.

SM-N910F (International, Qualcomm):
SM-N910G (Asia, Qualcomm):
SM-N910H (Asia, Exynos):
SM-N910T (T-Mobile USA, Qualcomm):
SM-N910P (Sprint, Qualcomm):
SM-N910R4 (US Cellular, Qualcomm):
SM-N910W8 (Canadia, Qualcomm):
SM-N910C (Thailand, Exynos):
SM-N910U (Hong Kong, Exynos):
SM-N910K (Korea, Exynos):
SM-N910L (Korea, Exynos):
SM-N910S (Korea, Exynos):
SM-N9100 (China, Qualcomm):
SM-N9106W (China, Qualcomm):
SM-N9108V (China, Qualcomm):
SM-N9109W (China, Qualcomm):

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Backup Tutorial

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Things we need

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Root Tutorial

  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root Package for your device
  2. Download Odin 3.09 to your pc
  3. Download and install the Samsung USB-Drivers
  4. Completly turn of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  5. Start your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 while holding down „Volume Down“ and the „Home Button“ until you see the Download-Mode. Press „Power“ once to access into the Download-Mode
  6. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to your PC (use the standard USB-Cable that came with the phone) and launch Odin
  7. If Odin is able to detect your phone, one of the ID:COM boxes should turn yellow (this needs to happen in order for the rest of the steps to work)
  8. Klick on „PDA/AP“ and select the previously downloaded CF-Auto-Root Image. Keep in mind that the CF-Auto-Root Files are compressed as .zip files. Those need to be extracted, the file we select unter „PDA/AP“ should have „.tar.md5“ at the end of the filename.
  9. Select the Checkboxes for „Auto Reboot“ and „F.Reset Time“ in ODIN, don’t select any other checkbox
  10. If you are ready with all the settings click on Start to launch the root process for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  11. The root process should finish after a few minutes and your phone should reboot automatically into the recovery-mode (if your phone doesn’t reboot automatically you need to start over with this tutorial. In this situation we recommend to pull out the battery at step 4)
  12. As soon as your device reboots back into Android you can disconnect the phone from your pc
  13. Thats it, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Root is done 🙂