In this tutorial we will show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Fame. We use the Motochopper v1.1 tool for the root, which makes rooting very easy and fast.

Backup Tutorials

Google automatically saves your contacts but doesn’t sync other files on your device. Check the following tutorials to completely backup your device.

Samsung Galaxy Fame Root

Things you will need



Important Informations

  • Always use a USB-Port from the backside of your PC
  • Always use the original USB cable
  • Always use a fully charged device
  • Always Backup your Device first

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Samsung Galaxy Fame Root Tutorial


  1. Download all the files linked under „Things you will need“
  2. Install the USB Drivers for your Samsung Galaxy Fame
  3. Activate USB-Debbung in your phones settings
  4. Connect your Galaxy Fame to your PC
  5. Start ODIN and connect your Samsung Galaxy Fame to your pc
  6. Start the run-File that can be used on your Operating System (Windows = .bat Linux / OSX = .sh)
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to root your device
  8. Have fun with your rooted Samsung Galaxy Fame : )